Karamba Slots Olympics made players rich this summer

Karamba Casino is just one of the numerous online casinos who went to great lengths to celebrate the logo-karambaOlympic Games.

While everyone was watching the event in Rio, they provided players back home with some great gambling opportunities.

The offers were closely linked to the popular events that were underway in Brazil. At the same time, they run a special competition that was inspired by the real thing and had a guaranteed prize pool of €20,000.

Everyone who has an account already as well as prospective customers could participate. The number of players who decided to sign up exceed even the wildest expectations, with the guaranteed prize pool acting as a magnet. In addition to the cash prizes, participants were also competing for a share of a bundle of 16,000 free spins. These numbers were enough to catch the eye of all those were even remotely interested in online gambling.


The casino did its part and went beyond the offering of cash and free spins. Its goal was to create the right setting for the virtual Olympians. In order to get them in the mood, they decided to offer prizes as well as matters the most successful players. While the latter are virtual, the free spins and cash is very real and the winners already withdrawn their profit. Obviously, many chose to keep the money online and use it to generate even more profits, hence consolidate their bankrolls.

Depending on how successful they were in the virtual Olympic’s, the winners will collect amounts ranging from €10,000-€4000. These were the prizes awarded to those who make the podium, while the rest had to settle for free spins. The promotion started the beginning of August and concluding on the same day as the Rio Olympics. In this regard there were no doubts about the conclusion of this great event and it is easy to plan in advance.

The odds of winning an Olympic medal playing their games were obviously much better than striking gold in Rio. There was no training whatsoever for the Karamba Slots Olympics, therefore no distinction between professionals and amateurs. Players kept collecting one point whenever they wager in increments of €20, so tens of thousands signed up.

Not all the games qualify, but with a dozen of slot machines on the list of accepted games, the opportunities were sufficient.


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