Unibet releases fun facts about its new game

Unibet is on the best-known Scandinavian gambling operators and most of its players reside in UnibetSweden.

Its expansion continues in other European countries and they’ve got the quality product that sells itself.

The upside of being so successful is that you don’t actually need to go over the top with promotions that sound too good to be true. Instead, these guys promote their packages knowing that once players sign up for an account they don’t look elsewhere for gambling options.

They have recently released new games and one of the most popular ones goes by the name of Start Gun. This is actually a slot machine that was released worldwide and it has fans in many countries.

That’s why the casino found it worthwhile to test the reaction speeds of citizens of many countries and found the British players lacking. Overall, they are ranking 80 out of 99 nations, which is not exactly the performance they were hoping for.


There are a couple of interesting facts revealed by the survey and one of them is that winning are actually faster than men. Their reactions are better, but this doesn’t necessarily make them more successful when playing this game. The casino is analyzing various metrics and is happy to share the findings with players as well as prospective customers who are yet to gamble here. In order to put these numbers into perspective, we are using visualization charts which come in handy for beginners.
The study is not supposed to be taken extremely serious because this is actually a playful research with some interesting findings. The fact that winning are faster is nice to know, but the vast majority of those who play this game are actually men. There are always people who try to improve their performance by resorting to various tricks and drinking coffee is one of them. They should forget about drinking too many cups because this study suggests that caffeine doesn’t improve reaction times.
The British can find solace in the fact that despite being in the second half of the standings, they are still ahead of the French. These players enjoy taking long vacations and they don’t care too much about scoring high in such a service. Their clock reaction times were not that fast and still they enjoy every moment spent playing. At the end of the day what matters the most is to spend quality time online and play a game that gives you a chance to win.


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